We Are One

Lots of Love

Yoga and Meditation - 9/30

Come join us for yoga and meditation followed by wine and art on Saturday September 30th from 2-6pm! Follow the link below for more information on Eventbrite

We are Ellie Cerovski-Darriau and Elizabeth Morgan.

We have been jumping into swimming pools together and swapping back rubs since at least 2004. Originally Santa Rosa besties, we have found ourselves both living in San Francisco, both exploring yoga, meditation, therapy, emotions, intuition, behavior, and more in some formal but also informal ways. You can find us hiking in the Marin Headlands or cooking zucchini soup, but no matter what we’re up to, we are constantly brainstorming ways to improve the environment around us.

We Are One is an effort we started to take resources and skills that already exist in those around us and band them together to build something even more powerful. We recognize that we are surrounded by loving people with huge hearts and our goal is to bring these people together to provide for a greater good. This may manifest in events to raise money to donate to charities and organizations fighting for our values, or it may result in simply sharing songs we heard from a friend that make us feel good, the future of how to accomplish this goal is wide open.

By day, we have even more to share with the world. If you are interested in learning more about us, you can visit our LinkedIn profiles:

Ellie Cerovski Darriau

Elizabeth Morgan

Things we like

One of our most recent favorite tunes, driven by the words of Alan Watts

∑(sumof)lzbieta - the sum of and just some of all that's me and mine… wonderful words and pictures courtesy of Elizabeth Morgan

Life is a cycle, sometimes a roller coaster, this has become our theme song as we try to always be there for each other to keep each other on the upswing